HORIZONTAL WASHERS L1300/1600/2000 mm




  • Washer body totally stainless steel made (AISI 304, with thickness 3 mm), external and internal frame, components are made of specific materials to avoid rust; all parts of washer with high quality level to guarantee ruggedness, reliability and quality processing as time goes by.
  • Automatic machine, all components are synchronized; machine checks through PLC with software that optimizes consumptions and productivity according to glass sizes; with self-diagnosis system, that alerts if there is a trouble and shows precise position of breakage, so troubleshooting is easy and fast.
  • Control panel, with key strip, has display that visualizes a lot of function: machine state (working progress, working speed, glass thickness), trouble-shooting and if it's set, manual operation of the whole system; with manual operation, it is possible to insulate all processing components (brushes, pumps, transport rollers, air knives and fan) starting and stopping separately; working speed is adjustable through inverter and potentiometer, digital display visualizes it.
  • Electrical and electronic compents are SCHNEIDER-TELEMECANIQUE.
  • Pre-washing, with high pressure jets (through two spraying bars and specific nozzles), take off from glass surface a quantity of dirty before brushes action.
  • Washing station with one/two/three pairs of nylon cylindrical brushes (Ø 130 mm standard version / Ø 150 mm with motorized opening system AM500*); each pair of brushes with two spraying bars and specific nozzels; brushes shafts made of stainless steel, bristles bearings are gauged with internal core shaft, to have a perfect rotation moving and avoid fast wear; cleaning operation of spraying bars is easy through quick assembling/disassembling system.
  • Two/Three stainless steel tanks with pumps, filters (with cartridge for inlet water and of stainless steel for sucked water), recircle system and overflow valve; one tank for pre-washing (and for first couple of brushes), one for washing (second and third couples of brushes) and one for rinsing; pre-washing and washing stations (each couple of brushes) are divided by specific stainless steel frames to avoid water contamination and mixing from one tank to the other; resistance to heat water on first tank on first tank; tanks are positioned under washer body, tanks with wheels to facilitate emptying and cleaning.
  • Drying system with high pressure electric-fan and air knives with "Z" shape, to guarantee a perfect drying; fan mounted above washer body and supported through aerial painted iron structure; ventilation box soundproofed with sound absorbent material to reduce noisiness (under 80 dB); fan with interception valve, that stops air flow if glass is not passing through drying section, and with replaceable filter, with automatic system that controls and informs if filter is blocked (showing it in the control panel).
  • Motorized opening system up to 500 mm AM500 * (OPTION) on the top of the washer for the maintenance and cleaning operation; the top section of the washer (that has individual rolls, brushes, air knives and motors) move up or down through motor, chain and screw system; this device keeps the same distance between brush and glass panel to reduce wear and tear of brushes, caused by different glass thickness working; top and down transport rollers are driven by two motoreducers and are syncronized through inverter, that adjusts working speed of them; each brush has individual motor.
  • Springs mechanical adjusting system on transport rolls according to the glass thickness that is worked, to have a better quality processing expecially with low-e. glass; further this device, if washer has the motorized opening sytem up to 500 mm (AM500*), is very useful to increase production: you can work, without any change, glass with different thickness of 5 mm; for example adjusting the opening of machine up to 10 mm you can work glass from 10 to 15 mm, machine absorbs different glass thickness, without set all the times the machine with the thickness that you're working.
  • Low-E. (soft coated) glass treatment on top side of glass, through soft brushes on top (bristles with diameter of nylon of 0,15 mm), harder brushes on bottom (bristles with diameter of nylon of 0,30 mm), with specific software that stops transport rolls drive, brushes rotation, pumps water filling if glass stops to not damage the Low-E. glass.
  • Possibility to reverse rolls drive (working sense) and to reverse rotation of the brushes (very useful for small glass sizes).
  • Top rollers, driven by individual motor, in the course of washing operation, keep glass always in the right position, and avoid that panel moves because of brushes rotation and high pressure air flow.
  • Transport rolls covered by special uncuttable non marking rubber, that is vulcanised and rectified on rolls, to avoid that water and humidity come inside the shaft of the roll; besides rust is avoided because rolls shafts have stainless steel ends.
  • Entry and exit supporting conveyor (1500/2000 mm), painted iron frame, with stainless steel frames where glass sheets pass; glass is moved by motorized rolls driven by washer, through chain and motoreducer, with inverter to adjust speed.
  • Machine conforms to CE norms and directives, with specific protections, guards and security devices.
  • Inlet water must to be provided with conductivity less than 10 µS, with bigger values we don't guarantee that washer works good, and we suggest a demineralizer plant (reverse osmosis) to have a perfect cleaning of the final product.
1310 mm
1610 mm
2010 mm
150 x 150 mm (300 x 300 mm AM500*)
150 x 150 mm (300 x 300 mm AM500*)
150 x 150 mm (300 x 300 mm AM500*)
3-15 mm/ 3-25 mm AM500*
3-15 mm/ 3-25 mm AM500*
3-15 mm/ 3-25 mm AM500*
0-10 mt/min
0-10 mt/min
0-10 mt/min
11 Kw
14 Kw
18 Kw

3 phase/50 Hz/400 V/neutral wire/ground wire







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